This has been an exciting week at Outsource. We’re holding two large training classes for internal employees: one for new sourcers and recruiters and another for those that are advancing into sales. We’ve also brought in senior team members from across the country to lend their expertise and experience to these classes. It’s great to see the future of the company in the new employees, and also the progress that the more seasoned staff have made to earn their mentoring roles.

With all these people in town, we also decided to host a happy hour in our new L.A. branch office. It was super to see so many members of the Outsource family taking a break to socialize and having a good time. The new space is beautiful, sophisticated and will be the scene of many more gatherings to come. And to cap off the evening, we gathered in the gallery to recognize VP of Operations Sam Jarvis on his 5th anniversary with Outsource. During Sam’s tenure, he’s been a key participant in groundbreaking new offices and establishing new markets, and it was a wonderful moment for the new team members to hear Sam’s story and realize that any of them could have a similar tale to tell in 5 years time. It’s a time of substantial change for Outsource, and we look forward to everything the future holds.

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