Chris Trevino and Eli Reyes our safety and risk team.
Chris Trevino and Eli Reyes our safety & risk team.

Safety is a top priority at Outsource. We are in business because our employees are working in the field and we want them to be safe. They put their lives on the line and we take this seriously. Outsource goes above and beyond OSHA recommendations, the government agency established to set and enforce protective workplace safety and health standards. We want our employees to always keep safety in the back of their minds and our efforts to reinforce these ideas are incredibly robust, especially compared to our competition.

Two leaders who specialize in safety issues at Outsource are Eli Reyes and Chris Trevino. Here are just a few examples of how they and the rest of the Outsource team go the extra mile to ensure the safety of our employees:

• All new Outsource employees are issued Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves.

• Outsource was the first company to offer free OSHA 10 certification. This 10-hourcourse is the primary method used to train workers on hazard recognition and OSHA safety standards. The company pays for all employees who take the course and those who complete it receive a $200 bonus.

• Outsource has established a Safety Rewards Program to which every new employee is automatically enrolled. Points are rewarded for maintaining a safe work record and ensuring that our people are working in an environment that meets OSHA safety regulations. These points can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, including gift cards and a Carnival cruise.

• Outsource has initiated a Field Captain Program where team leaders on company job sites can earn a bonus for performing weekly safety lockdowns and giving safety briefings to other OS employees onsite. Not only do participants earn an extra $25/week, but the program lays the foundation for a supervising background.

Chris says, “I spend part of every corporate training session with new Recruiters emphasizing how important it is to establish trust between techs and the company. Our employees in the field need to know that they can trust our Recruiters and that Outsource takes their safety seriously. The company will always find work for people who are ensuring a safe work environment. No client is worth our employees’ safety. And no client is worth any of our employees getting injured.”

Eli adds, “We understand that the vast majority of the people we send into the field are highly trained and most have never been hurt on the job. Nonetheless, it’s very important to us that they keep their OSHA training in their mind and that they are constantly aware of their surroundings. If anything should happen, we want them to report even the smallest injury and we even want to hear about the near misses. If our techs witness any safety hazards in the field, or if they witness any unsafe acts, we also encourage them to report it. We even offer bonuses for doing so. Finally, never wait to report an injury—the sooner the better. It’s better for our techs, our clients, and everyone involved.”