blaine-monteauDustin McMullen started with Outsource in San Francisco before leading the electrical division in Phoenix as the Electrical Account Manager. Before joining Outsource he served 8 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Squad Leader. Shortly after the Marine Corps, he attended Trinity Lutheran College graduating with his Bachelor’s in Communications. He brings to the team leadership skills, dynamic communication and relationship building skills, as well as the confidence necessary for success.

“My time in the Marines taught me how to adapt, be a leader, how to work closely with a broad range of people, and that you should always have a contingency plan in case the unexpected happens.” Dustin says. One of the strategies that Dustin has transferred from the Corps into his role at Outsource is the concept of “Brilliance in Basics,” which means developing a solid foundation in basic skills like time management, communications, and client relations; and then practicing and applying these principles until they become engrained in you and part of your everyday process.”

Dustin was living in Portland, Oregon, had just sold a business, and was looking for a new opportunity when he heard about an opening at the Outsource office in Seattle. The position was quickly filled, but Dustin so impressed Shawn Dale, now VP of Sales, that Shawn offered him a position in the San Francisco office. After a week of training in Los Angeles, Dustin and his girlfriend Ashley packed up and moved to San Francisco.

He began focusing on the electrical side of the business and quickly established a solid working rapport with Paul Baldaccini. The two teamed up and broke a number of sales records together. “I still gets calls today from people who are new to the company asking how we were able to do so well. I tell them that a big part of it is mining clients, companies, and placements that you’ve had previous success working with. And bring a lot of positive energy to the table…people always respond well to it.”

In late 2014, Dustin took over a role as Account Manager in the Phoenix office where he spearheads the electrical division and has continued to build on his success, cracking open new opportunities in commercial, industrial, and solar sectors. He has also taken on the cabling division, oversees territory sales, and led the restructuring of the Phoenix office, streamlining it into a lean, energetic team.

He says, “I would recommend Outsource to anyone that believes they have what it takes to be part of a national, leading, specialized staffing agency. Outsource runs off passion, hard work, team players, and knowledgeable leaders. Those individual that push the limits and can show they’re capable, trainable, dependable, and reliable have endless potential for growth and success.”