The easiest way we give back is by making quarterly donations to our favorite charity.

The second and most important way we give back is by giving unemployed youth in the Los Angeles area free training in our training center in El Segundo. We take inexperienced individuals and put them through one week of intense training in the career of low-voltage wiring. This trade is incredibly accommodating for this type of training because the demand for lower-level workers is very high. It is a great way for people to get started in a trade that is “low-tech” to begin with and has potential for quick growth into much higher-level work whether it is installing and maintaining very sophisticated structured cabling systems or working in Data-Centers. We can often get our trainees working almost immediately after training with our clients. We have trained hundreds of people in our training center and continue to do so every year. Click here for more information on the Outsource Cabling Academy.