This past Monday marked the beginning of another Foundation Training class at corporate for new hires. Outsource will close out 2013 having held nine Foundation Training courses over the year. The sessions are designed primarily to equip new Sourcing Specialists & Recruiters with everything they need to succeed, and we have had 56 team members come through the orientation this year.

This current class is comprised of nine new employees: two each from our New York City, Atlanta and D.C. offices, and one each from Austin, Dallas and Los Angeles. In addition to the standard training, this group had a special session with David Torres, our risk management/worker’s compensation consultant. While the week started out cold for L.A. standards (in the 40’s at night), it’s warmed back up to normal and the group is getting to explore the area in the evenings without having to bundle up too much.

Recruiters training in Outsource headquarters, Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Ruiz and Jorden Noack from the L.A. Office taking the trainees to lunch at a local hangout spot.

Abe Davis (left) does some role playing with David Torres, our risk management consultant.