photo 5At Outsource, we consider each of our employees to be members of a competitive team and we want to reward out top performers. In addition to the generous perks program we offer at Outsource, we also host an annual rewards trip to Cancun, Mexico for employees who have achieved outstanding results for the company. The entire sales team looks forward to the trip, which everyone agrees is the highpoint of the year.

“I have been on the Cancun trip for the past two years and hope to go again this year. To me, this trip serves as a great motivator and it gives everyone something exciting to strive for. It also allows all of the offices around the country a chance to bond and get to know each other in a more relaxed environment.”   – Tracey Burchfield, Senior Recruiter

“The trip helps build a sense of team. Surrounding yourself with the top performers of the entire company enables you to learn about other people, their techniques, best practices, and the chance to share stories that may even help you in your home market. Although it is definitely a “carefree” rewards trip, this is an Outsource event, which means that everyone attending genuinely loves talking about work and what we do each day. No, seriously, we do.”  – Jessica Ruiz, Territory Manager

If you are an employee at Outsource, you were hired in part for your competitive spirit and your desire to succeed. The Cancun trip serves as an excellent opportunity to meet Outsource team members from all over the country, which strengthens the connection between our different offices.

“The trip is such a great time to develop relationships with co-workers. Not only does it allow you to interact on a more personal level with the people you physically work with each day, but it also allows you to mix with team members from across the country who clearly share the same drive and values.”   – Holly Andrews, Account Manager

At the same time, we do our best to foster a sense of family in this competitive, business environment. You’ll quickly see how accessible people are at Outsource, how excited everyone is to discuss the direction of the company, and how to succeed on another level.

“The trip definitely helps us out professionally. There are no barriers in building relations or restrictions as far as with whom you are able to talk. Whether it’s a Recruiter, Account Manager, or a member of the Executive Team, you are encouraged to interact with everybody and to review how business has been and where it is going.”   – Cameron Crivello, Regional Fulfillment Manager

“It definitely builds a sense of team and allows us to get to know our co-workers in a relaxed setting. The people who go on the trip are the ones that are fully dedicated to the company. It’s great getting to know other leaders that we frequently hear about and see doing well on the sales report.”   – Jorden Noack, Account Manager

We recognize not only how hard the people of Outsource work, but also the contributions made by their significant others. Husbands, wives, family, boyfriends, and girlfriends play a big part in supporting our employees’ efforts, which is why Outsource encourages our attendees to bring a guest to accompany them on the trip.

“The best part of the trip is being in a relaxed capacity with the people that work so hard to drive this organization. Everyone is relaxed and you get to mingle not only with Outsource employees, but their significant others, whose support serves as a driving force behind the success of this company. I know my husband sincerely appreciates being able to take part in such a fantastic reward. Every year when we make it home, he can’t stop talking about how awesome it was to meet the people that keep me so happy at work.”   – Holly Andrews, Account Manager

We cover all expenses, including travel, VIP treatment, and hotel luxuries like a spa and wellness center, tennis courts, beach butlers, fine dining options, and fantastic pools. The trip also includes unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks at the property’s lounges and swim-up bars. Those who have travelled with us to Cancun find that it’s a great way to relax, recharge, and celebrate personal accomplishments.

“We all work very hard, competing with other individuals in the company to put up strong numbers. We do it for personal growth and for the opportunity to sit poolside, enjoying endless food and drinks. The trip is relaxed, comfortable, fun, and it gets you excited about doing even better the following year. It’s a treat to be surrounded by so many others Outsource team members from all over the country who share the same passion and drive as you. It just a great feeling to know that you belong with this company for the long run.” – Jessica Ruiz, Territory Manager

The Cancun trip is more that just a chance to relax and celebrate a successful year. It’s an excellent opportunity to network and strengthen the connections between our 19 offices. When our people get to know each other on a personal level, share what they’ve learned throughout the year, and hear about the success others are having, they feel more connected to the company. We believe that when employees feel connected to their company, the company transforms into the best possible company it can be. This is what we strive for every day at Outsource: to be the best.