Audiovisual work is booming. In the United States, and abroad, demand for professionals in the audiovisual field has grown as the technology therein has been application to a wide range of industries. Schools use AV technology to attract and educate students from primary to collegiate institutions. Event planners use audiovisual effects to create ambience and project film and image. Hotels and other hospitality organizations retain AV staff to install and maintain video conferencing and corporate presentation equipment. Companies and businesses of all sorts use audiovisual means to promote cutting edge communications, marketing and sales. As AV technology become more and more utilized in various circumstances and more industries become dependent on these technological means, audiovisual staffing agencies are kept on their toes to meet the hiring requirements.

Especially in U.S. west coast cities, audiovisual staffing is helping to connect technicians with a variety of jobs that fall under the scope of AV work. These jobs offerings have a diverse array of types and sorts. In Seattle, WA, for example, Premera Blue Cross, a health and insurance provider is seeking a Multimedia Creative Designer to develop media and trouble shoot graphic design and presentation for brand development, research, marketing, sales and corporate communications. Candidates should hold a degree from an accredited source of education and have at least five years experience in this sort of design and application based field. This job leans more towards the creative end of audiovisual staffing, however it is important to note that Premera is seeking someone with strong technical and hands-on skills to apply the media they design.

Seattle isn’t the only west coast location in need of audiovisual technicians. Near San Francisco, in Emeryville, CA, Davidson Hotels and Resorts is looking for an AudioVisual Manager to oversee the AV components for banquets, conferences and events at the Hilton Garden Inn. This represents a good full time AV position, with a retirement package, paid leave, and all the benefits and perks of working for a hospitality company. Audiovisual staffing recruiters often help to do the headhunting for jobs such as these, and can aid qualified technicians in climbing the professional ladder to steady work like this.

Further South, in the greater Los Angeles area UCLA is looking for a Senior AV technician. This job with the University of California, Los Angeles, is mainly to coordinate and support the audiovisual needs for events and projects. As a senior tech, this also requires the training of staff, and the managing the logistical considerations of organizing and distributing equipment throughout the various educational departments, staff, and students. This is a ‘career’ classified position, meaning that it is long term or permanent hire. With the benefits of working for a large university and the stability of and audiovisual job in education, this is not an opportunity to be ignored. While higher education usually does it’s own hiring, audiovisual staffing can still send technicians in the right direction and frequently collaborate with schools seeking specifically qualified techs. This job, like others becoming available on the west coast can be sought through AV staffing.