Looking for Audio Visual Staffing?

AudioVisual describes work of many types and jobs with many different qualifications. AV is a term for any technologies that involve image, film, and sound, and particularly the coordination of those components. At conference centers and event locations audiovisual technicians are employed to install and update, maintain and repair the AV equipment that promotes communication, entertainment and presentation. This places audiovisual workers in a variety of umbrella fields including: hospitality, event planning, corporate communications, film, television, radio and education.

Audio Visual Jobs

A good deal of audiovisual jobs are temporary. Based on contracts, and usually part time, these sorts of AV jobs are designed per project or per event; a one time deal. This means that audiovisual contractors may be flooded with work and income at some times, and underemployed at others. Agencies that do audiovisual staffing are a great help to solving the problem of inconsistent hire. Audiovisual staffing agencies build a base network of technical and creative AV workers. The agency is then hired by companies to find workers for specific projects and positions, both short or long term. Audiovisual professionals who are working on a somewhat freelance basis depend heavily on a good relationship with one or more audiovisual staffing agency to help keep them steadily working and making income.

One of the biggest questions in a technical field like Audiovisual is if, when, and how to transition from contract to contract based employment to full time, or a single position with a specific company or organization. Depending on location there is bound to be more or less AV work and that work has the potential to be more or less lucrative. Urban areas generally have more opportunities at all levels, but there is also more competition for these jobs. It is difficult to predict success, but if you have the energy and the connections to seek contract-for-hire AV gigs through an agency that does audiovisual staffing, you may stand to work more hours and make more money than in a salaried position. However, if the work in the area hits a slow spell or is minimal to start with, the consistency offered by a steady position may be more beneficial.

Audio Visual Staffing

The other issue at hand is the existence of jobs with companies that are themselves contracted for hire, and may have no way to guarantee how much work they will get hired for, or how many jobs they will be able to send each worker out on. Recruiters who do audiovisual staffing may be able to give a clearer idea of which route is the most beneficial in each area and for each worker. Obviously, the more adaptable and qualified the audiovisual technician, the more suitable job openings there will be. Jobs in education, especially at colleges and universities are often more maintainable. These institutions are in continual need of audiovisual technology and professionals to manage them. Even in poor economic times, educational organizations tend to stay afloat and solvent. It is a tough call, and every situation is different, however it is important to consider the progression of your audiovisual career.