Los Angeles is a wonderful place to look if you are seeking cabling jobs. Cabling employment in plentiful in both the city proper and the whole of L.A. County. With a reported population of more than 9 million people in 2012, and a population density that continues to tighten, there are lots of people, and lots of companies that require cable installation and maintenance. As the market grows so too do the contracting companies and cabling businesses. A quick glance at an employment or job-finding website can give you feel for just how great the amount and the variety of structured cabling jobs there is in the greater Los Angeles area.

All though the economy is recovering and the cabling market is growing in southern California, if you are looking for L.A. jobs in cabling, you will still have better luck if you have some training and experience. If you have experience as a technician, particularly working with computer networking, Spencer Technologies is looking for a field technician in their L.A. branch to help their clients understand and install the retail cabling equipment that they purchase for their homes and businesses. Predominantly a POS systems company run with IBM technology, the hourly pay begins at $18.00 and hour and the position is full time.

Structured cabling jobs in L.A., like those in most of the U.S. and Canada generally require a certification and some experience. Especially if the compensation is good and fair, education and/or on the job experience is desirable. These positions often are filled by those who have a wide scope of experiences and can work is multiple technologies and systems. If a company can hire one person to do several different jobs, they will- it is cost and time effective. Telecompe Enterprises, for example, is seeking a low-voltage telecommunications technician that can fulfill a wide variety of responsibilities. Though this is an entry level position, they are seeking a cabler who can work with phone networks, computer networks, and other technological systems. As a cabler, seeking a cabling job in L.A., you must consider not only the work to be done or the pay to be received, but also the cost of living in an expensive place like Los Angeles. Telecompe does not report a pay rate for this position, but instead offers that it is negotiable based on experience. While it can be difficult when knee-deep in rigor of the job hunt, it is important to make a budget and stand up for the money you need to make taking the job feasible.

Another factor to be considered when seeking jobs for cablers in Los Angeles is the physical requirements involved. Ironically the biggest physical requirement is the ability to drive. You need a valid CA drivers license to apply for most L.A. cabling jobs, both because driving to cabling sites is needed to complete the work, and also because there really is no public transit there, so you’re going to have to drive to your job every day. Other physical requirements include crawling, climbing ladders, and using power tools. All that aside, L.A. Is an exciting place to live with beautiful weather. You’ll be close to the beach, and the urban growth of the city will keep cabling work available and growing. Los Angeles is worth examining if you are looking for cabling jobs.