Outsource kicked off a new tradition by inviting offices across the United States to participate in a potluck lunch in celebration of Thanksgiving. To commemorate the event, we asked that each team submit photographs of their lunch and to let us know how it went. Offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., Denver, Houston, San Francisco, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, and Austin all pulled together and it sounds like everyone had a blast (including a technician candidate in San Francisco who timed his interview just right).

Here are a few highlights (some are hilarious). It speaks volumes about a company whose team members take the time to come together all across the country, celebrate at work, and offer up their experiences for everyone to share.


In Houston we had a wonderful time. Everyone really put an effort in and we had what felt like a real Thanksgiving lunch. It was traditional food such as stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potations, green bean casserole, a variety of pies, cornbread and rolls, and macaroni and cheese. Every person put thought into what we were bringing and made it a great time. We even listened to Christmas music, joked around and spoke about what we were thankful for.


San Francisco ThanksgivingSan Francisco

Our potluck was delicious! Everyone pitched in and brought some great food. We have turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, creamed corn, cranberry and cornbread. For dessert we had pies and ice cream. We all hung out in our conference room and enjoyed having lunch as a team.

We even had a technician here for an interview that joined in briefly. He was pretty impressed with the process as a whole and got a kick out of the fact that we offered him lunch. It was awesome spending time with everyone and enjoying good food and good company.

Dallas ThanksgivingDallas

We had our potluck last Friday with great results. Almost everyone pitched in, resulting in too much food and some tryptophan induced sleepiness in the afternoon (but we fought through, and our productivity was not diminished!). Some highlights were homemade corn pudding by Caroline Robinson and too many delicious desserts to begin to count. In true Texas spirit, we even had chips & salsa.

We’re thankful for having a great company, a great office, a great team, and maybe most importantly a great deal of coffee in our cupboards.

New York ThanksgivingNew York

Here is the tale of a New York Thanksgiving:
We laughed, we cried (joyfully), and came together as a work family. Brett ruined a great pair of gloves carrying the food, but actually one might say he enhanced them with the smell of turkey.

We completed our meal and Joe bravely carried the extra tray of turkey home feeding one very lucky homeless man with it…and himself, too.

Denver ThanksgivingDenver

With smiles on their faces, and bundles of joyful Thanksgiving side dishes held tenderly in their arms, you could tell that the day was going to be special right from the beginning. The smell of a delicious Thanksgiving meal permeated the office as the day moved along and eager mouths began to salivate. Dishes were heated up and as we set the tablecloth and plastic dishware on the table, I felt like I really was with family, but not just any family: my Outsource family.

Mark 11/28/2014 on your calendars as the day a new tradition was born!