The biggest growth presently in energy technologies is renewable energies. Solar Power is no exception. While a few years ago solar panels where a ‘space-age’ technology you could investigate a science museum, today businesses, residences and public power companies harvest energy form the sun regularly to supplement more traditional sources. Especially in sunny and hot regions of the Unites States, where there are many daily hours of sunshine, people are finding it a more and more logical choice to turn to solar power. This new demand for solar energy and its technologies, means that there is also new demand for solar power installers and technicians. Universities and vocational schools are offering new programs in the subject, and companies that are already proficient in the technologies are apprenticing new laborers.

In basic terms, the energy of the sun’s rays becomes trappable when it hits and object and becomes heat- (think a metal chair sitting in the sun). When sunlight hits some materials, however, turns into an electrical current, and this is how we utilize it for energy. Solar cells used to be made of expensive silicon, which proved capable of capturing light energy, but is difficult to grow in large enough crystals to be sustainable. Silicon was discarded in lieu of newer development, and now, generally cheaper materials that require smaller light-gathering crystals are used like copper-indium-gallium-selenide. This equipment is more flexible and easier to use.

Sometimes these solar panels are installed and maintained by companies that contract specifically solar energy projects, while others are dealt with by electrical and construction firms that have a solar branch. Such companies often require Solar or Photovoltaic Engineers, as well as Energy and Electrical Engineers and technicians. Since the solar energy is being converted into electrical energy, usually an electrical background is helpful. Some of the work is job to job, as solar technologies are installed and kept up in residences and homes. Others are more long term and deal with the development of this technology or more broad care at solar fields and plants. Contractors seeking new workers as they grow frequently turn to agencies that can provide reliable solar energy staffing. Often staffing companies that offer solar energy labor can also recommend and even provide training in this new technology.

In the cases of home and business installation, a solar tech’s first job to to asses what the customer really needs. As solar power presently cost more to install than it saves the consumer immediately, is it important to help weigh the costs, while providing assurance that with time, solar energy can be financially beneficial. These cost estimates are part of the consultation process and tend to have more bend to them that with other energy technologies. To find qualified and certified individuals is it useful, once again, for private individuals and contractors to seek solar energy labor through trusted staffing agencies to ensure they find technicians who can give them the most cost benefit. Solar energy is clean and sustainable and while it currently represents a small fraction on the energy used today, those numbers will surely grow as technology changes and becomes more affordable, creating even more opportunities in the field.