The term ‘electrical agent’ can mean many things according to the circumstance in which is is used. Sometimes it refers to any noun that is affiliated electrically, as in, a lamp is an electrical agent. The term can also be used to refer to those engineers and technicians who do electrical work, like electricians and electrical distribution specialists. In the realm of electrical staffing, ‘electrical agent’ is most often used to refer to those recruiters who work for electrical staffing agencies.

This type of electrical agent does work much like a sports agent, except for electricians and electrical engineers instead of major league baseball players. The relationship between an electrical worker and their corresponding electrical agent is a very important one, particularly because many electrical workers are employed on a freelance basis. This means that they are contracted to work job to job and project to project and when one job ends they must procure another to continue to obtain income. Especially the electrical professionals who have specialized abilities or skills, like wiring for solar energy, teaching electrical trade skills or large scale electrical building design benefit from having an electrical agent on their side. These agents can serve the clients who seek highly skilled electrical workers, and are often compensated by those seeking workers as opposed to those seeking work. However, a small population of electrical agents get a percentage cut of the income the electrician makes on the projects they are sent out on.

Electrical agents, much like employment agents in other fields must have excellent people skills. Staying connected to the electrical and construction industry can be the most integral part of the job. While some electrical agents work independently and are, for the most part, self-employed, many work for construction and electrical staffing agencies. Within agencies there are tiers and levels of recruiters and agents with a varying ability to focus in on one client or electrical worker. It can be a good gig, being an electrical agent. The work is satisfying and personal; helping someone find work can feel very good. Electrical staffing particularly can be a wonderful way to support growth and renewal within any community. The financial compensation is good, often upward of $60K and the hours are reasonable. It is an attractive job for many people with the right training and personality.

While many electrical agents have no relationship to the field they represent, others have made the shift from in-the-field electrical work into employment representation. As networking is such an important part of the job, the connections made doing electrical work can serve those who choose to go into electrical staffing. These crossover individuals also have the unique ability to recognize the quality of a good electrical professional and follow their instincts as to what sort of work matches what sort of person the best. Electrical agent work is needed all over the country, and for that matter all over the world. The profession grows as electrical work grows. It is certainly a job path to be considered.