San Francisco, a Northern California coastal city, is known for its specific character. Eclectic and special, this city has a sizable population, – 8.4 million people in 2012- and an ever expanding urban sprawl. A cultural hub, San Francisco is considered to be a center for art, technology and business. This unique combination of size and specificity makes this western city a great place to live and a fertile soil for the growth of employment. Electrical jobs, those that utilize electrical technician and electrical engineering skills are particularly available. Much like the city they are located in, however, these electrical jobs are quite interesting and unusual.

The local public transit in San Francisco, known as the BART train is looking for qualified electricians at this time. The public transit authorities are seeking a pool of electricians to fill anticipated openings over the course of the next year. These electricians would be working both with the electrical systems that serve to propel the trains as well as the power systems present in the BART infrastructure. This job offers competitive pay rates starting at over $27 an hour, as well as a benefit package with medical, dental and vision coverage, a pension plan, paid vacation and two fully-paid employee investment program. A full time position, working for BART offers the opportunity to advance and to learn more about transportation systems. Candidates with experience in high-voltage electrics and whom have proper education and experience will be preferred.

While many electrical jobs in the U.S. surround the design and installation of electrical systems in new or renovated construction, others have more to do the with maintenance of those systems. The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is looking for a maintenance electrician. Founded in 1852 in the San Francisco area, this local agency is a staple of the community. What better place to work than a chocolate company? Besides being surrounded by delicious treats, the challenges of working in a chocolate manufacturing factory can be exciting and motivating. Journeymen status is sought, and the electrician who lands this job must have excellent problem solving and trouble shooting skills as well as the ability to interpret various production and building schematics. Comparable benefits are offered with this job, including medical insurances and a 401(k) retirement savings plan. While the pay is not listed, it is to be determined by the degree of experience applicants bring to the table.

Another electrical job presently available in San Francisco is with SolarCity, a solar power provider in the Berkeley area. They are seeking an apprentice-level electrician to support their photovoltaic installation and maintenance teams. A full time job with paid vacation and paid training this is an exciting opportunity for those entering the electrical and solar power fields. With full benefits and opportunities for promotion, SolarCity offers newer electricians the ability to get in on the ground floor of solar power and get payed for it immediately. Specializing in a field like solar electrics and heighten the ability of an electrician to get specialized jobs in the future and to be able to do it in an awesome place like San Francisco, is a great step to success.

These electrical jobs speak to the diversity of employment opportunities available in the greater San Francisco area. With such a wide variety and high growth of work present in this Northern CA city, it s good place for electricians to look for work.