Electrician & Breaker Panel

Even as technologies change and become more complex, most residences and businesses still rely on the expertise of trade professionals to maintain the daily functions of their buildings. Electricians, for instance, are needed not only for the wiring and set up of new construction, but also for the upkeep of electrical systems as they age. Electrical staffing agencies provide and invaluable service both to electricians seeking work and to employers seeking electricians. Usually, such staffing services accept resumes and information about the applying electricians and help to match up the qualifications provided with those required by employers for specific jobs and projects. There is usually also an interview process, saving time for both parties who then do so just once instead of multiple times. The service is generally free to the individual electricians, and it is the staff-seekers who usually pay the staffing agency for allocating their workers. In some cases, the electrician will even be paid by the staffing agency instead of directly by the business they end up laboring for.

Staffing services are particularly useful to certified electricians because their work tends to be on a short-term, even one-time basis unlike many other workers who find their work recurring. In fact, if an electrician has done his or her job and done it well, they hopefully will never need to do it again. Thus, electricians will be in a constant search for the next job. Those who create a good report with a staffing agency will have a more streamlined, less pressured experience finding a good amount of labor. Also, because electrical work is considered a tradesman’s craft, electricians can depend on the negotiation of a fair wage for the job done.

While some staffing agencies specialize in only electrical job placement, there are also many companies and sites that do broader construction and trade placement as well. These agencies that have a wider scope usually fold electrical work into their larger umbrella of construction and trade. Specialized staffing services may be beneficial because they tend to be specific and knowledgeable of the specific trade they place in, and may appear more adept and trustworthy because of that specificity. However, larger projects that require more than one specialty will often save time and money by going through a single company for all of their staff instead of contacting multiple types of agencies. Being able to hire carpenters, plumbers, project managers, electricians etc. all at once and all through the same service saves the employer time, confusion and money. In this way, multidisciplinary staffing companies may be more beneficial to job seekers and employers alike. Larger projects may need to hire more workers, upping the chances of hire and income to electricians represented by the staffing agencies they use. Also if a company has had success in the past hiring one type of worker through an agency, for instance, carpenters, they are more likely to hire other sorts of workers, (like electricians), through the same agency.