Outsource Electrical Low-Voltage Denver Chris HutsonChris Hutson is our Territory Manager in the Denver office who oversees the Central Mountain Region of the United States. Chris has been with the company since 2011 and brings with him an extensive background in real estate development. His comprehensive knowledge of the construction process and experience with industry zoning regulations has helped develop long lasting client relationships throughout the region.

Chris (who began as a Recruiter at Outsource) was one of three people to open the Denver office, along with Sam Jarvis and Mike Lippert. Chris has seen the office grow to seven employees, including three Recruiters. Mike Lippert eventually left to start Outsource’s Seattle office and Chris soon teamed up with Ben Weimer, who worked Inside Sales in Denver, forming an extremely productive duo and leading Denver through some of its strongest stages of growth. “We were really effective working together–Ben was great at identifying clients and putting me in front of them to close the deal.”

Today, Michael Lippert is a Regional Manager overseeing operational efficiencies, Ben Weimer is Outsource’s Regional Manager of the East Coast, and Sam Jarvis is VP of Operations. Drew Mahoney and Lane Dodson, who both started as Recruiters in Denver, have also seen their careers blossom. Drew is now a Talent Acquisition Manger in Los Angeles and Lane is helping grow the Tampa branch. It’s talented individuals like these who make the Denver office a prime example of what can be achieved when a team is dedicated, focused, and passionate about what they do.

When asked about the success he’s managed to accomplish, Chris says, “It’s the Denver office’s success, not mine. We function really well together as a team, there’s open communication, and egos don’t come into play. We’re all just fortunate to make money for the company and for ourselves.”

In 2016, Chris sees tremendous potential in the region, with the Denver market poised for tremendous growth in the electrical vertical. In 2015 alone, Denver (a city of 2.8 million residents) saw a population increase of 100,000. This has boosted commercial development and he continues to see an increase in the number of contractors and other professionals specializing in electrical, data, and integration. Outsource has been quick to react to the growth and Chris credits Nick Lovell for breaking four of the five biggest accounts in the city.

Chris says, “Even though there’s tons of business in town, the skilled labor pool has shrunk overall, so we’re searching for talent, especially technicians who specialize in low voltage wiring.”

Because the company’s qualification levels and screening remain high, Outsource continues to succeed at a high level filling client orders despite the stretched talent pool. The company gets a lot of referral business from existing clients because, as Chris notes, “We’re attentive to their needs, we’re customer service oriented, and we provide top people for our clients, so they keep coming back.”

When he’s not in the office, Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, playing golf, skiing, snowboarding and ripping the pristine slopes of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.