Outsource Electrical Staffing Northern California San Francisco Paul BaldacciniPaul Baldaccini works out of the San Francisco office and is one of Outsource’s most experienced Account Managers. In 2016, Paul will be celebrating his 10th year with the company, where he began as a recruiter before quickly rising to the role of business development manager. When Paul started at Outsource, the company had 60 employees and offices in two states: California and Arizona. Today, the company has 16 offices in 10 states nationwide and has nearly tripled its number of employees.

Looking back on it, he says, “It’s been an incredible journey to get from where I started to where I am today. I’ve grown into a better salesman because the company allowed me to utilize my natural talent and abilities while helping me strengthen the skills that I wanted to develop. I feel that working at Outsource has made me into a better person overall.”

Paul graduated San Diego State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics. He was close to accepting a position at one of the country’s leading financial institutions when he heard about Outsource and interviewed with Shawn Dale in the San Francisco office.

“I didn’t know anything about recruiting or the staffing business, but when Shawn told me how it worked and explained the business model, I was hooked.”

Paul says that he took the position at Outsource because he wanted to be in sales and that Outsource allowed him to get into sales quickly. “I’m naturally competitive, I wanted to work in a competitive environment, and I’m financially driven, so Outsource was the perfect fit. I love finding work for people and really got a thrill out of watching my name climb up the weekly sales report.”

When Shawn Dale landed a big electrical account in San Francisco, opening up the industry in Paul’s market, he recognized this as an opportunity to excel. Outsource CEO John Lowell flew up to the San Francisco and asked Paul what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go in the company. Paul said that he saw a lot of potential in the electrical side of the business and John agreed to let him focus on this area. Today, Paul runs the electrical division in San Francisco.

“Outsource is a great company because it’s a place where anyone who really wants to climb to the top, will climb to the top. You have to be organized, stay disciplined, and be the person who puts in the extra time and goes the extra mile. But if you follow the plan and listen to the executives, you will succeed.”

“This is the best work environment I’ve ever experienced. It has allowed my natural skills to blossom, while teaching me how to harness my passion for sales. I’ve become a better manager, learned how to work with recruiters, customers, and how to properly motivate my team. I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished as a company.”

Today, he still recalls an early manager training session that he attended in Los Angeles. “I remember the company had arranged for a group of guest speakers to come in and talk with us. When they were finished, John Lowell came in and said, “The sky is the limit at Outsource. I’m serious. It you put the work into it, there’s no limit to how successful you can be.””

“I still remember this,” Paul says, “because he was right.”

Paul specializes in providing staffing solutions to C-7 and C-10 contractors and also brings experience working with security systems integrators. When he’s not in the office, Paul enjoys surfing, hunting, travelling, and spending time with his wife and their 15 month-old son.