In the United States, there is an organized body dedicated to maintaining the standards and improving the quality of Life and Fire-Safety Systems. This organization, known as the AFAA – the Automatic Fire Alarm Association is headquartered in Jasper, Georgia and serves the purpose to promote education and quality throughout the fire alarm and safety industry. The AFAA also serves as a liaison organization between many other groups and professional institutions that have shared intentions in the field of Fire alarm security. Many states have their own chapters, and California is no exception.


The California Automatic Fire Alarm Association or CAFAA was founded in 1970 and the members generally include fire alarm monitoring and installing companies and businesses as well as those who manufacture and distribute fire alarm systems and technologies, individual professionals and engineers, and fire and building officials. The basic idea, is that for those whose jobs involve fire alarm security and safety in the state of California, cooperation and collaboration can only bring efficiency and growth to the industry, and ultimately help to save lives and property. The CAFAA is represented on a variety of national code committees of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

The CAFAA is so important to the fire alarm companies of California not only for the setting of standards in the state, which are some of the most rigorous in the country, but also because the organization is responsible for the education, training, and licensing of the professionals within this important line of work. This licensing for fire alarm contractors is done through the State Contractors License Board. The CAFAA also help to certify the quality and efficiency of fire alarms and fire security tools. Health and Safety codes, as well as the knowledge on opinions of the state Fire Chiefs and Marshals are also taken heavily into account.

Joining the organization and becoming an active member has its advantages for fire alarm security contractors in California. The CAFAA has a member directory to connect professionals and training seminars every year at lowered member prices. These measures help professionals connect, find jobs and find workers in a fairly niched contracting world. There are physical meetings regularly scheduled and the CAFAA endeavors to gain the most recent knowledge of industry news and innovation and share this knowledge with its members. The website is well maintained, and is being tweaked to be an even more efficient channel of casual news as well as legal and code-based regulations and rules. A professional tool both in networking and in information sharing, those working fire alarm security jobs generally find the benefits of the group well worth the yearly membership fees.

The CAFAA is a professional boon to fire alarm security contractors of all sizes and services within the state of California. Their online bookstore and wide area of fire professionals help to provide contractors with as much access to helpful data and wisdom as possible. These measures help to promote and grow the industry and the individuals and businesses who do this life-saving work.