Some call it ‘the city on the bay,’ but San Francisco is much more than a small coastal town. A major urban hub, this California metropolis is second only to New York City in its population density. A larger American city, San Francisco has a population upwards of 800,000 and even more people live in the outlying commuter regions. Like most cities in the nation, San Francisco is growing in more than residents. Art, industry, finance, business, technology and even physical infrastructure are expanding too. This means a flux of available jobs in many fields, including fire alarm security.

Sometimes combined with electrical work, or other types of security measures, Fire Alarm Security work can span from the general to the highly qualified and specific. Many job openings do expect applicants to be well educated in the field- its processes, practices and the codes placed upon such work- as well as experienced in this sort of career. In San Francisco, as one might imagine, the fire alarm jobs run the gambit. The good news is that there are enough opportunities available that you are sure to find something worthwhile upon investigation. For instance, 365 Electricians Inc., an electrical and fire alarm security contractor in San Francisco, is looking for a fire security technician. 365 is seeking someone not only up to snuff in their fire alarm technical skills, but who may also be able to install and repair commercial security systems and trouble-shoot electrical and technological issues on the job. There is minimal supervision for this role so applicants should be very self-directed and reliable. As a contractor in this job, you would be expected to provide your own transportation, expertise and tools, but the pay out is more independence and responsibility.

Besides contract companies who work to sell, install and maintain fire alarm systems, there are other fire security opportunities present in the city and surrounding areas of San Francisco. The Johnson Group, a firm of architects and engineers who specialize in designing and reworking power-based systems like lighting, security, fire alarm and electrics, is looking for a Senior Licensed Electrical Engineer to work specifically with fire alarm system design and application, amongst other tasks. Obviously, the level of training and qualification for such a position is quite high, but the salary is there to match, starting around $100k a year. The opposite end of the field from a technician job, this individual would be responsible for creating and making specific plans for systems to suit particular projects and needs.

Because the fire alarm security industry provides an important service, protecting lives, housing, and other property, it is a field of work much in demand especially where population and wealth are growing. San Francisco is no exception to this rule. Fire alarm jobs are obtainable, both on the installation and technician side, as well as on the management, engineering and design end of things. If you have the ability to relocate to a great city like San Francisco and the interest and qualifications to work in fire alarm security, the leap is more than likely to land you on solid ground.