As civilization fords on, and development continues, fire security and fire precautions will always be a needed industry. It is certainly true however, that certain factors contribute to the amount of fire alarm security jobs available (or not available) in any particular region. In the U.S., as well as in Europe, the suffering economy has slowed or even halted the growth of new building and development which has slowed the work available in the fire alarm security field. Many specialists and technicians in this area of expertise have begun to look abroad for continuing career opportunities. Within this fire alarm security ‘migration’ there are several international locations that are receiving special attention both for the availability of work and the attractiveness of living and working in these locales.

A U.S. State, one of the big advantages of moving to Hawaii to work in fire alarm security is that you won’t need a visa to live or to be employed there. A beautiful place, this tropical state is also the home to a large amount of tourism. Tourism requires large population building, both to go up in new development and to be renovated and maintained. This existence of hotel and recreation buildings of high volume, means that building and maintenance workers are always in demand. Residence is also growing in numbers, especially in the more urban areas on the larger islands. The codes, processes and legal requirements will also be the same as the rest of the country, making the knowledge transfer easier. Besides the abundance of available work, Hawaii is a utopia to live in. With paradise-like temperatures and copious beaches, the leisure time you spend between work promises to be wonderful. And with a cost of living less than most of California, the money you make in fire alarm security will afford you a good quality of life.

Though the region title is broad, countries like Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are developing at an alarming rate. With foreign infrastructure coming in from Asia, Europe and the U.S., as well as local development into modern and even cutting edge building practices, fire alarm technicians are in high demand. While there is a general opinion that the Middle East is unstable, it is in many ways the newest breakthrough market of modernization. Some areas are war torn and unpredictable which is undesirable both for living and for technical business growth. Others are, however more dependable and very safe place to live, especially for foreigners. The climate, though arid, is dry and warm, and the cost of living very friendly. Acquiring the correct work visa can be tricky, but for those in areas of work needed in these countries, is usually very possible.

Often considered America’s rough little brother, this english speaking nation is a great place to consider for fire security jobs abroad. Especially in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, the population is large and the tourism industry brings in an even larger fluctuation of humans. The government of Australia is openly seeking fire alarm technicians and fire alarm security engineers and installers. It has been publicly posted. For this reasons, the visa system is very friendly, as Australian work visas generally are. If you are in demand, the government will make it easy for you to live there. Some of the systems are different than the U.S., and must be studied, but are manageable to learn. Australia is also an exciting place to live with plenty of friendly people and outdoor wonders. If you are seeking some escape, or just a season of regular work in fire alarm security, Australia is the most recommended locale beyond the Unites States to seek it.