There are few businesses for which fire alarm security work is more important than the restaurant industry. Bars, sit down dinner establishments and coffee shops are all excellent examples of food service businesses that require special fire alarm attention. Fire alarm security jobs at large deal with the detection, communication, and prevention of fire related emergencies and the damage that they cause. In dining situations, as opposed to residences and offices, fire alarm security technicians must take specific precautions to ensure the safety of workers, customers and property from the dangers of fire and heat.

In most restaurants, and bars that serve food, there is a two part attack with fire alarm systems. The first part is the treatment of fire alarm security in the dining and reception areas. Fires are not particular likely in these areas, but are, of course possible. Smoke alarms, heat detectors and posted information about where a fire extinguisher can be found in the case of emergency are common in the front of house areas of restaurants. Servers, hosts and bartenders are often trained in the basic necessary information of which alarms to trigger and who to call in the case of a fire emergency. Food industry kitchens are a whole different fire alarm security beast. Especially where grills, flat-tops and friers are used to make food for the menu, there is a far greater risk of fire. Depending on the set up and square footage of a restaurant kitchen, there will be a certain number of fire extinguishers present, both water and non-water based. Where ever there is heat and flame, there will always be some possibility of fire catching and spreading. Basic smoke detectors cannot be used in most industrial kitchen settings, for the sheer fact that so much smoke is naturally occurring to properly cook food. Other technologies are frequently applied to detect heat that may have gotten out of control and these mechanisms report either to the front of the restaurant or directly to fire rescue professionals. Because grease, alcohol and other chemical substances are used to prepare and sanitize foods, fire alarm security also usually involves one or more chemical showers. These large contraptions disperse neutralizing chemical agents when utilized to put out fires that burn chemically and cannot be put out by water.

While much of fire safety is dealt with in industrial kitchens and restaurants by in-staff prevention, like wearing flame resistant clothes, using fire prevention practices and putting out small fires before they escalate, the install and repair of fire alarms and other fire security equipment is still necessary to keep food service save and to keep businesses up to safety code. The fire alarm security techs that deal with these jobs are generally specially trained and certified to advise and maintain the security systems needed for industrial kitchens in particular. The fire alarms security jobs available in relation to restaurants are plentiful, both as new places open and as established businesses need to keep up to date and maintained in fire alarm security.