The largest city in the state of Texas, Houston is the fifth most populous city in the whole United States. With a population upwards of 6 million residents, this Texas mecca is a booming center for business, technology, science, and manufacturing. The sheer size and ever-growing population of this city make it a wonderful place to seek employment. The hot, arid climate and continuing development of infrastructure make it a good spot to look for fire alarm security work in particular. Houston is also a fun and exciting place to live. The warm weather makes living comfortable and the southern Texas charm is not lost in the larger metropolitan area. With a wide variety of arts and leisure opportunities, there’s also plenty to do and see when you’re not busy working.

Particularly in the last twenty-five years, fire alarm security has grown into a fertile industry. Building codes for new construction often requires fire alarm security and renovated and up kept buildings need fire alarm maintenance. Because of the hot desert climate in Houston, wildfires are a real concern, leaving buildings and property destroyed in their wake. The heat and dryness also work to make otherwise occurring fires even harder to put out. Thus fire alarm security and fire suppression specialists are highly sought in the Houston area.

As Houston fire security companies grow and expand, they are frequently seeking new qualified employees. Abilities Limited is a security company presently looking for fire alarm technician who has experience with the installation, programming and service of fire security alarms systems and life safety systems. Seeking a fire alarm tech with more than five years experience, Abilities Limited needs someone with the ability to work both on residential and commercial fire alarm systems. With a team mentality, this job presents the opportunity for strong professional relationships and new experiences.

Endeavor is another fire alarm systems company out of Houston looking to hire new fire alarm techs. Pioneering new home and property fire protection technology, Endeavor is looking to hire from a slightly larger pool than most. Those with an interest in technology and small technological repair, as well as those with sales or retail experience might be a good fit for the job. A valid Texas fire license is required, and a state alarm certification is preferred. The perks include paid training, a competitive salary, a company vehicle and company gadgets like iPads and gas cards. Choosing to work for a company attacking fire alarm security in a new way provides workers the opportunity to expand within the field and to learn on their feet.

Many of the fire alarm security jobs in Houston are more traditional: working with a small fire security contractor, or working for a larger system manufacturer and provider. However, as the industry grows the opportunities do as well. In a town like Houston, with a larger commuter and residential population, expansion caused innovation is difficult to avoid. With an unemployment rate of less than 5%, Houston is a, excellent place to seek out fire alarm security jobs.