Fire alarm security installation jobs differ from situation to situation. One thing fire alarm companies and fire alarm technicians keep their eyes and ears open for is circumstances in which a high instance of fire security is required. Inns, hotels and other hospitality establishments are examples of locales that require specific and generally large scale fire alarm security work.


It goes without saying then that towns and areas with a lot of tourism, hotels and resorts are good places for fire alarm installers and techs to look for jobs. Beaches, national parks and monuments, vacation spots and tourist towns are a good place to start. Las Vegas, for example is basically an oasis in the desert built specifically to bring in gamblers and tourists. Because of the hot dry weather, fire is a greater likelihood and flammability must be considered even as building materials are chosen. The high visitor population, and the fact that many business make their money based on population density also requires a careful eye to fire alarm security. So, if you work in fire alarm security, or are a fire alarm security company manager, it would behoove you to seek out large hotel jobs that can help to propagate others. Continuing with the example of Las Vegas, many of the casinos have multiple buildings and include restaurants, lodging, shopping and the actual gaming floors. If your company can land a contract for even one of these buildings fire alarm security work, and complete that work effectively, that work is likely to expand into the rest of the complex. Also, many casinos are run by the same company or essentially owned by the same people, and if you can get good reviews on your work the first time, your foot will be in the door to contract more jobs from the same businesspeople and their associates.

Fire safety measures and materials for large buildings and infrastructures differ from that of smaller operations. The coordination of fire alarms and safety measures is often computerized and run back to a main fire security center- a box or even a closet or office. Sometimes these systems even have staff to monitor them, or they are monitored by the security workers who maintain the other physical security systems of the building. State and federal codes for smoke alarm and sprinkler varieties are usually more demanding in high-population compounds, and must be paid careful attention to to avoid danger, damage and fines upon inspection. The budget to buy and install these large systems is usually generous, and the manpower

Fire Alarm Security is a usually-unnoticed but incredibly important aspect of the hospitality industry. Especially in climates where natural and man-made dangers are many, the insurance of a well-maintained fire security system is crucial. Fire alarm security jobs available in hospitality establishments are generally large scale and therefore require budget, time and proper planning and scheduling to be done well.