Whether you are a construction worker, a clerical temp, an engineer or an electrician it is important that you understand how to get the most out of working with an outsourcing staffing placement agency. When you begin your process with a staffing agency, generally you will be connected with a recruiter and set up a time to meet with them, interview and exchange information. Just like all interview processes it is important to provide good references, accurate contact information and an up-to-date professional resume. If you have other shows of your work, including portfolios or websites, those should also be well maintained and ready to show to prospective clients. You will be given the opportunity to let your recruiter know how much work you are looking for, and what type, as well as your general availability to take on new jobs.

Usually, at this point your information is entered into a secure database that is physical and/or software based. This allows the agency to organize and search through the available labor sources to best serve employers looking to hire. If for any reason it appears that you are unavailable or limited within this database, it will limit your ability to be hired. So, when interviewed be very clear about all of your available skill sets and experiences. Make sure also that you are logged as currently seeking work, if in fact you are looking for hire. The job of recruitment is often like a puzzle. The recruiter’s job is to anticipate the needs of clients and try to hire labor that will match the specifications of those clients. However, no matter how talented the recruiter, they cannot always be sure which companies will be looking for what kind of workers when.

This is a case when you want to look as good on paper as possible, so that you are more likely to match the vacant hole in the puzzle that prospective employers are looking for. If you are skilled and have a good track record, it does make a recruiter look good to be affiliated with your talent. Because you can never be sure when you may need to turn to your recruiter again, it is the best plan to perform well in the positions they place you in. If you make them look good, they are more likely to send you out again next time. Make a strong connection with your recruiter, learn their name and their strengths. Just like any good business relationship, this may take a little upkeep and persistence. If they prove to serve you well, try to ensure that your relationship continues with the same recruiter every time.

Do not wait in restlessness for too long. If you do not hear about jobs in a reasonable amount of time, or if you have been sent out on an interview and do not hear from the agency, give them a call or drop them an email. Be courteous, but specific. Asking about where you are in the hiring process is your right. If you didn’t get the job you wanted yet, ask what you can do to make yourself more desirable and capable of getting the next one. Many staffing agencies can recommend new ways to market yourself, as well as training and certification programs to keep your skills current. The relationship should be symbiotic, do not forget to hold up your end.