The second largest and second most populous state in the U.S., Texas is a highly diverse and interesting place to live and work. Austin, the capital and among the most populous cities in the state, is touted as a hip, fun place to live and fertile ground to find work. With a growing density of residential and commuter citizens, especially those under the age of thirty, this hot Texas city is a center for art, music, food, technology and education. With several major universities and colleges in and near the city limits, there is also a large flux population who come in to study and bring their influence, financial means, and infrastructural needs. This, along with the general urban growth of the area makes Austin ripe with the development in the HVAC industry.

HVAC, standing for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning,- and sometimes Refrigeration, is a field that serves the basic needs of human populations. Especially as architecture, and construction grow, so too does the need for HVAC systems to be designed, installed and maintained. Therefore HVAC technicians are in great need in spots like Austin. Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning, a company serving Austin, is looking to hire new HVAC service technicians. A small family owned and run operation, there is a strong emphasis not only on qualification and integrity, but also on personability and teamwork skills. Radiant is looking for someone with more than 3 years experience and who is preferably EPA certified.

While most of the HVAC work in Austin is with companies specifically organized to install and maintenance these systems, some of the employment opportunities are of a different nature. For example the Austin Independent School District is looking for and HVAC worker to repair and upkeep the ventilation, heat and air conditioning systems in their various buildings and units. Instead of working for contract company, this type of HVAC job is right at the source. One of the benefits of such an arrangement is that you would always be working with the same systems, and thus be able to gain a familiarity with its advantages and pitfalls, making you more adept at problem solving as the work continues. While the job listings are clear that the work can be crampt, difficult, noisy and less than clean, the work and income is consistent, paying hourly between around $16 and $20 an hour. The school district is also seeking a worker with at least three years of related experience and knowledge of computer energy management systems.

There is mobility in the world of HVAC in Austin as well. A Texas HVAC contractor is looking for a lead technician. This Service Tech Level 5 position has a higher pay rate than most, starting at between $20 and $25 an hour. There is medical insurance, reimbursed education, and paid leave available with this job as well. It does, however, come with a corresponding amount of duties and responsibilities. If you have a good deal of experience and are looking to make a move from being a technician to also managing other techs and their operations, applying for this job would be a good move. Austin HVAC jobs are plentiful, and there is variety in the opportunities available, if you take the time to explore them.