Sales Conference
Outsource held its inaugural National Sales Conference in Los Angeles earlier this year. The three-day event was attended by a group of more than 60 employees, comprised of company executives, management, and our highest-performing salespeople.

CEO John Lowell called the event “the highlight of my professional career.” He added, “This was the first time having our most productive people together to discuss the company mission and it was a really impressive gathering. The conference was well organized, focused, and leadership was very prepared.”

Organized by President Steve Ebenhack and Vice President of Operations Sam Jarvis, the goal was to utilize Outsource’s core values, ask the tough questions, and take a top-down look at what was working and what could be improved on a national scale in order to establish best practices for the company.

Steve says, “We’re at a point where we have the resources, the people, and a solid executive team where we feel comfortable taking our top sales people off the field in order to bring them together for an event like this. By the end of the conference, we wanted to make sure our people understand what tools they have at they disposal and they know how to leverage them so they could go back to their respective markets and utilize them to their benefit.”

National Sales Manager Jake Durkee, who spent 20 weeks last year traveling to offices all over the country, was named “MVP of 2016” at the conference. He says, “Steve and Sam put together an excellent agenda and it really drove home what want to achieve as a company going forward. It was fantastic and I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Regional Manager Michael Lippert was one of the managers in attendance. He says, “We were able to address and solve some bottleneck issues by embracing open and honest collaboration between salespeople, management, and executives. It’s so powerful when you can get everyone in a single room and focus on ways to improve the company. I was a great reminder of how strong the company’s culture is. There was a lot of brainpower in the room.”

Houston Branch Leader Rocky Montoney echoed Michael’s sentiment, saying, “Looking around, I was impressed by the group of people who had gathered in one room. You see how dedicated, intelligent, and motivated the people are who work at Outsource—everyone is focused on shaping the company to became as great as it can be. It says a lot about the Executives and what they’ve been able to do here.”

Thanks to everyone who was in attendance for making the inaugural National Sales Conference such a huge success!