The Houston market continues to diversify its economic portfolio with expected growth in the industrial sector as the city continues to expand into 2022. Land is the driver for large industrial companies seeking space as well as residential and multi-family developers.

Rise of E-commerce

The distribution industry is seeing a large uptick with companies like Amazon buying up large sq. footage distribution space. The city should continue to become a national distribution center due to the recent rise of e-commerce.

Expanding Construction

The inner city of Houston is the host of many mixed-use commercial projects as well as hotels, and large office tower buildings. Hewlett Packard also continues expansion of its large global HQ campus in Spring, TX. Healthcare is also a major driver of construction work, always looking to beef up its medical infrastructure all over the city.

Jobs for Electricians and Low Voltage Trades

All of these factors contribute to thousands of job opportunities for construction workers, specifically for electrical and low voltage contractors. Skilled trades continue to be in high demand and comparatively to other major cities nationwide, Houston’s cost of living is still beneath the nationwide average.

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