The Houston branch is one of Outsource’s longest-tenured offices and 2014 proved to be an outstanding year. The sales and recruiting team doubled in size, from four to eight team members, and the office is on track to open 50 new accounts for the year, generating $1.2 million in New Sales Revenue. The branch rolled out a new training program for entry-level cable technicians and built relationships with the top five low voltage integrators in Houston, which should generate even more revenue for the company in 2015.

The Houston branch is fun, hard working, and prides itself on its competitive spirit as well as a culture that thrives on innovative and creative mindsets. At Outsource, teamwork is ingrained in our culture and team members at the Houston branch consider the office to be an extension of his or her home. Developing a tight-knit working “family” is one of the contributing factors to the success of our Houston office.

Houston represents what you’ll find in every Outsource office: a group of people who genuinely care about each other. It’s important that individuals strive for success, but without losing sight of collective goals. Team members in Houston spend time together after work and on the weekends, they pet-sit for one another, they throw fun office parties, and they make it a point to celebrate everyone’s birthday in every department.

The branch’s Regional Fulfillment Manager, Jessica Brown, says, “One thing I love about our office is that we work as a team, we look at each single job, take a step back, and consider who has the best tech for a particular job. We’re not arguing amongst ourselves about who should go out. We all have a good understanding that if we put the right people on the right jobs the money will come for everyone.”

New opportunities are always available. For more information, please call toll free 877-905-9659. Outsource is located at 7155 Old Katy Road, Suite N250, Houston, Texas, 77024.