Looking for cabling jobs in the greater Los Angeles area? There may be more options than you think. With a large population and high residential density, Los Angeles offers cable installers and technicians many choices as to the nature and sustainability of their work. Being a major U.S. city, L.A. represents a large public and private business presence, as well as a strong government and military involvement. The opportunities to apply the skills and training of structured cabling are numerous.

In Los Angeles, like in most parts of the country, there are the usual cabling jobs to be found. Many L.A. jobs for cablers are with television cable providers, telecommunications firms and installation tech companies. These jobs deal with selling the services of internet and cable to homes and businesses and then installing and maintaining the systems needed to run them. Cabling engineers, skilled technicians, installers and customer service representatives are the normal fare of workers with such organizations. However, if you have the education and wish to take your skill set into different areas, L.A. is a good place to begin looking.

One example of a different sort of company that is looking to hire cabling techs is the National Guard. At the Los Angeles, Long Beach outpost of the Army National Guard they are seeking a cable systems installer. Unlike seeking a cabling job in L.A. with a more traditional employer, you can apply for cabling work with military agencies having had no experience or training. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of working with the national guard is that they will pay you to train in the field with them. The military is also more likely to offer health benefits, life insurance and even retirement plans to individuals who join up, right from the beginning. Another plus to working with an organization like the national guard is the degree of emphasis placed on the importance of the work. Communications specialist like cabling techs are especially needed for the efficiency of order getting delivered and missions getting completed. The National Guard offers these military upsides while still getting to live in the exciting city of L.A. While you may not have considered it previously, the military has wonderful opportunities for cabling techs, including cabling jobs right in Los Angeles.

Another less conventional L.A. Cabling job, is a cabling equipment installer for cars, auto-vehicles and other forms of transportation. These cabling systems are smaller and often run through cellular 2G and 3G systems. Navigation Solutions, an L.A.-based GPS and trip-planning technology installation company is looking for a new technician. Like most GPS this tracking technology requires mobile network technology and cabling materials that can both integrate into auto systems, but that can also withstand the demands of auto travel. This kind of work differs from what most L.A. cabling jobs require, but can be a new and exciting challenge for L.A. cablers. It will also get you out from behind a desk and into the world. L.A. offers a true variety of cabling jobs, so if you’re seeking sheer volume, looking for something new, this California Urban center is sure bet.