Hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods and other natural disasters bring with them destruction and often tragedy. However, these ecological events also bring with them their fair share of opportunity. Especially in the field of building construction and maintenance, natural disasters leave in their wake a lot of rebuilding work to be done, and many workers in these industries meet high demand, and electricians are no exception. For this reason, electrical staffing companies become frequently utilized by clients like large construction companies, architectural building firms and even government agencies to beef up their electrical staffs to help regions rebuild and recover.

In 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana the damage to the city of new Orleans and the outlying rural area was devastating. Even today, the recovery and rebuilding efforts continue, particularly due to the high poverty rates and large economic disparity in the region. Because the structural damage was so complete after the storm, the immediate rebuilding done by public and private aid organizations only put a dent in the overall restoration. Spherion, a recruiting and staffing agency in the greater New Orleans area felt the force of rebuilding after Katrina. Founded in 1981, Spherion does staffing work for multiple fields, including electrics. Electrical staffing after the hurricane was greatly needed and Spherion helped to meet that demand. Well established in the state of Louisiana, Spherion has the infrastructure in place to recruit useful professionals and place them in the jobs that need to be accomplished.

The Pacific Northwest and the Front Range states of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado have their own share of troubles with natural disasters. Semi-arid mountain ranges and desert lands make for odd temperature shifts and swift weather fronts. While unpredictable snow storms do cause some damage, the real force to be dealt with on the Front Range is wildfires. The raging fortresses of heat and flame usually come with a drought. The dry trees make for willing tinder and the soaring temperatures, as well as negligent ourdoorsman create the spark for the inferno. The wildfires are difficult to control and often move into populated regions destroying buildings and town. Small towns like Centennial, Wyoming were hit in the summer of 2012 and man buildings burned down. Wildfires of the sort that happened in Wyoming last year also burn into the ground growth and can ruin electrical lines running in the soil. Premier Electrical Staffing, a nationwide company that mainly serves the Midwest and the Front Range serves to help recruit staff to towns hit by fire that require electricians to do rebuilding and repairs. With job openings in Casper, Laramie and Cheyenne as well, electricians seeking work in these post-wildfire situations can provide a real service to a community that needs them.

With the shock of Hurricane Sandy hitting the new York city area last fall, the need for electrical staffing after a natural disaster in the U.S. continues. The service provided by electrical staffing agencies to both regrow the economy through employment as well as to rebuild the physical towns and cities hit by distastes is very important work that must be done.