Our San Francisco office opened in 2000, with Shawn Dale running telecommunication sales from his apartment in Daly City with the help of a single Recruiter. In fact, this is how Outsource began in many of the markets it thrives in today: one person (maybe two), a single phone, and the determination to grow a business.

New San Francisco Office

We are proud to announce that Outsource is relocating our San Francisco team to a new office that triples the square footage of our former location. It is a new space that not only reflects the amount of business generated by the office but is symbolic of where the office and the company are headed.

The new space offers phenomenal views and features an open design with glass walls that allow for maximum use of natural light. The work area includes a pit containing 18 desks and two additional pits dedicated to sales and administration with four desks each. Every desk offers a sit/stand option and features a 34-inch, curved Samsung monitor. There is a conference room, two private offices, and a very large training room that is a dedicated space to provide a more robust training environment. Accent walls utilize the Outsource color scheme and the company logo unique to all of our offices.

The office is currently looking to hire three new Recruiters and a Payroll Specialist with additional positions to be filled in the near future.

The new San Francisco office is located at 701 Gateway Blvd., Suite 410, South San Francisco, 94080.