Field TechnicianOutsource is in business because our technicians are out working in the field, so we wanted to take the opportunity to recognize Norm Taylor, a Cable and Fiber Technician who has been working with Outsource for 15 years.

Norm began working for using our Los Angeles office while going to school for his certification in fiber optics and audio/visual equipment. He is one of the first technicians to sign on to Outsource and his hard work and knowledge of the wiring industry helped establish our reputation for providing the most reliable and highly trained technicians available.

“It’s been great working for Outsource,” Norm says. “You get a chance to work with a variety of companies and learn the different techniques they use in the field. You might even find a company that you’re really comfortable working with, which could lead to a long-term opportunity.”

While working at Outsource is not only a great way to make money, we also provide technicians with an opportunity for growth, career development, steady work, and opportunities that they might not otherwise have. Norm is a prime example of how one can build a career with Outsource and he has been hired for full-time positions on two separate occasions.

“If you’re a dedicated person and you want to learn the trade, I highly recommend contacting Outsource” he says. “They’ve always treated me fairly, they always find work for me, and they offer competitive wages. Even if you plan on relocating to another state, they have offices all across the country and can start finding you work right away.”

Outsource is always looking for new field technicians and we serve a variety of industries. We offer one week’s worth of cable training at no charge and all of our trainees will have terminated well over 100 voice and data jacks by the time they are released to the field.

We train our technicians at our corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, a 4,000 square foot drop ceiling facility that creates an ideal setting for pulling cable. Each trainee that finishes the course is outfitted with a 110/66 punch tool, snips, hard hat, safety glasses, and blue t-shirts to wear on our client’s jobsites.

Thanks for your continued dedication to Outsource, Norm!