A well-trained crew is a successful crew, which is why Outsource is proud to provide entry-level training for prospective cable installation technicians. Recently, in both Los Angeles and San Diego, 17 entry-level technicians completed an intensive four-day training program that resulted in job placement for all 17 technicians in structured cabling positions. The training was intended to accomplish three main goals: instill a foundational knowledge of industry standards and practices for our technicians, provide them with additional skills necessary to meet and exceed these standards, and familiarize them with cabling workplace culture. These three elements allow a new technician to do their job effectively and to integrate into a crew more quickly. At Outsource, we want our technicians not only to understand what they do, but also why they do it. Our structured cabling technicians are trained to understand how their skillsets and their line of work fit into the overall operation of daily life. Voice and data systems are critical utilities that underpin much of our modern-day commerce and communications. Communication media are expected to be reliably available at all times, whether it be Internet connection in hotel rooms or the ability for point-of-sale systems to relay credit information to a bank to complete a retail purchase. Structured cabling is the essential groundwork for this communication to take place, and our immersive training allows us to provide our clients with crews that not only perform the technical aspect of the job safely and effectively, but also understand the important role they play in the big picture, as well.