Outsource held a group training course for 10 of it’s newer recruiters. Held February 11th-15th at the Southern California corporate office, the class offered the recruiters a comprehensive and in-depth course on how to succeed in their roles. Attendees came in from all regions, including Anna Sather and Danny Brawer from Seattle, Jorden Noack and Hunter Schmidt from Los Angeles, Kathryn Capogrossi from Atlanta, Nicole Manning from Chicago, John Carey and Rachel Cohen from New York, Brandon Johnson from San Antonio and Chloe Davidson from Phoenix.

The week of hands on training included one-on-one training and role playing with Brieanna Harvey, Director of Recruitment, Steve Ebenhack, VP of Sales, and was also lead by John Lowell, Outsource CEO. In addition to the rigorous classroom schedule, the recruiters were able to spend time after hours socializing & getting to know the rest of the corporate staff, and there were a few excursions that took advantage of the fair weather and proximity to the beach.

John Carey had this to say about his experience during the recruiter training: “The training experience in LA, was a great way to connect with the corporate office and bond with the Outsource team.”