Outsource has been working on a large scale, long term project with one of our national electrical contractors.  The project was for ballast/lighting installation for a new Amazon.com distribution center in San Bernardino, California.  The project begin in early 2013 with about 30 apprentice and journeymen electricians, which Outsource supplied to the project.  The project stretched to about 9 months with everything going smoothly.  Then in October a call came from the contractor requesting an additional 25 electricians, needed that same week for a short term stint.  We were able to walk all 25 in to the project on the day requested (see photo below).

The logistics, planning and management of this project have demonstrated our endurance and flexibility. It’s required a complete team effort, and while it hasn’t always been easy, it’s been rewarding to see it all come together.  Kudos to all the internal staff that have played an integral part in this project’s success.

No matter if you need one electrician for a week or fifty for an unspecified period of time, we can help you out.  Contact us for more details on this project as well as many others that we’ve played an important role in.