If you work in the Los Angeles office or have visited there recently, you have probably noticed the work of local artist Ryan Graeff, whose studio is located in El Segundo. Outsource CEO John Lowell recently began acquiring his work and, because the subject matter of Graeff’s paintings are often cityscapes and iconic visual language, commissioned him to create works that represent the different cities where Outsource offices are located. To assist in the creative process, the company enlisted Outsource employees to suggest buildings and landmarks that are representative of their cities for Graeff to include in each piece. Ryan looks at the Outsource project as a “great opportunity to be exposed to some of the architecture of cities I haven’t visited.” He says, “I’m having fun with it and trying to take the medium to new places.” Here’s a video of Ryan working on a piece commissioned by the LAPD 77th St. Division.

Graeff trained under Master Printer Tony Zepeda, and today, his artwork combines traditional silkscreen printing techniques, photography, and painting with strong imagery that offers a subjective look at the cities that are represented in each piece. His work was featured in Hancock (starring Will Smith) and his list of collectors also include Shaquille O’Neal, baseball star Brady Anderson, and actor Robin Riker, just to name a few. In addition to the series for Outsource, Ryan is also collaborating with commercial and fine art photographer David LaChapelle by incorporating the famed photographer’s images into Graeff’s art.

Outsource is proud to support the artists in the communities that the company calls home and we greatly appreciate the work environment that their work helps to create. Below are a few photos of Ryan’s work that we proudly display and enjoy in the L.A. Office.