From June 24 through July 3, the LA Office was home to a new class of Trainees while they learned the ins and outs of sourcing for wired systems staffing. This is only the second class to go through the new Foundations Training, but the benefits are already being noticed! “We’ve found that when everyone is at the same experience level, the amount of engagement and energy in the room increases which fosters an optimal learning environment”, explained Brie Harvey, Director of Recruitment.

While the training program covers copious amounts of information there were some highlights that stood out for the trainees. “The most interesting thing that I learned was just how in depth an integrated system (HVAC in particular) can be. Now I see why it is so difficult to find a qualified commercial HVAC technician,” said Cameron Cariello, Sourcing Specialist. In addition Jonathan Bassett, Sourcing Specialist, was impressed to learn more about Outsource. “I am just impressed with the hold Outsource has on this market. To carve out such an impressive niche and dominate the space as this company has is truly something to be proud of.” outsource trainees One of the best parts of the training process for both trainers and trainees is getting to know each other better.


“Getting to know the trainees, seeing how their brains work and being involved in assembling them into our culture is a highlight for me,” said Brie Harvey. Similarly Jonathan Bassett enjoyed getting to know his co-workers and fellow trainees. “I really enjoyed getting to know all of my peers. It was really cool to have a bunch of people who are in the same position as entry level employees to share the experience of learning the business and going through some of the same bumps along the way. I love the energy that the employees in the LA office have and their willingness to be so helpful throughout the training process,” he said. “It really set us up for a good working environment.”

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