Outsource was represented at the UCLA Jobs Fair earlier this month by four UCLA graduates, including Jenny Zhao (Business Development Manager), Brett Hays (Inside Sales), Amanda Delzell (Recruiter), and Brie Harvey (Director of Recruitment). It was a great opportunity to tell UCLA students about Outsource and introduce them to the staffing world. Zhao noted that some of the representatives of Outsource were in the same situation as the students not even a year ago, so they were particularly qualified to inform students about the young, dynamic culture at Outsource and they served as ideal examples of how quickly new talent can have an impact at Outsource.

As a native of San Antonio, one of the reasons Jenny enjoys working at Outsource is she can return home for longer stays due to the fact that she can work out of the San Antonio office. Many of the potential hires that met the team were interested in markets like San Francisco and Seattle, where Outsource is already established. Now with 18 offices across the country, the company’s national presence is one of the big bonuses of working for Outsource. This was a big attraction for several new hires who wanted to take advantage of Outsource’s national footprint, which enables them to explore different corners of the country and meet their colleagues in various locations.

The competitive nature of the staffing business set in a team environment was especially attractive to many Bruin student-athletes, according to Brett Hays, who also said, “It was great to get back to campus and recruit future Outsource team members.” Besides the number of athletes they met, Delzell remarked at how many sophomore and junior students attended the jobs fair and were interested in internship opportunities at Outsource, especially after the team explained what daily life and the culture is like at Outsource. The idea to attend the jobs fair went into effect once Harvey received approval from the Executive Team to register with the fair, which offered fantastic visibility for Outsource. Not only UCLA students, but also other companies represented at the fair were impressed to see a table full of UCLA graduates. As far as the future is concerned, Harvey says, “We are working on new marketing literature for other job fairs in hopes of implementing the same system the team applied at UCLA.”