The new Outsource branch office in Atlanta is a model for the future. Particular care went into the launch of this branch, starting with the layout of the space, the selection and placement of artwork, even down to the the choice of carpet. The business development manager’s desk was made to measure for his office and is a replica of a classic 1950 Danish modern desk designed by Arne Vodder. The staff all have Herman Miller Aeron chairs, and there is an innovative “diner booth” area for conducting meetings and interviews.

But none of these office advancements would matter without the excellent staff that works in Atlanta, and great care was also put into assembling this team. Tracey Burchfield pioneered the area as a recruiter. In December 2012 she was joined by senior recruiter Cliff Feiring, and business development manager Matt Lechner, both of whom were hand-picked for this office and relocated from Los Angeles. This group was quickly joined by Jeremy Burns, inside sales representative, and Kathryn Capogrossi, who is a technical sourcer, rounds out the unit.

Outsource CEO John Lowell recently travelled to the Atlanta office to see how the new team was getting on in their new environment. “I’m really impressed with the space and how everything has come together. I think if you give people the right tools and make their surrounding conducive to the nature of their work, then you’ll have happy employees and see amazing results.”