The Atlanta Branch of Outsource celebrated its two-year anniversary in December of 2014, with many new and exciting changes on the horizon.

During the summer months, out of the 19 Outsource offices, Atlanta has consistently ranked as one of the top three branches in terms of revenue generated per head. The team shows no signs of slowing down. In the next few months, Outsource will be moving to a new office, where our employees will be able to utilize 2,500 square feet of space; more than twice the size of the current location.

The Atlanta office celebrated its two-year anniversary at The Painted Pin, one of the city’s most unique entertainment venues, which includes an upscale boutique bar and twenty full-service, luxury bowling lanes. The night also included indoor bocce ball, table shuffleboard, ping-pong, skee-ball, darts, and oversized basketball pop-a-shots.

The personnel in Atlanta are a diverse group of people, including many who are transplants from across the country. Each team member brings a unique perspective and set of experiences, which have contributed to the success of the Atlanta branch. In addition to the friendly competition, the team frequently enjoys taking lunches away from the office to discuss strategy and share insights that will help the branch succeed as a whole. A few favorite spots include nearby restaurants like Tin Lizzy’s, Sushi Kiku, and Roasters, which are all within walking distance.

With the rapid growth over the last two years and our expansion into a larger location, the Atlanta office is actively pursuing new talent for both recruiting and sales positions.