As reports roll in of stalled and halted construction work soaring annually and dissolution of companies putting electricians out of work, more electrical professionals are looking towards fringe fields to find jobs. The statistics speak to a slow in the frequency of paid electrical work, and sadly, in some cases actual unemployment. While many traditional outlets for electrical jobs are dryer than usual, there are those areas that are growing and thriving. Sustainable building and renewable energy sources are both booming industries. The public and private funding for renewable energy projects continues to be prolific even as other pursuits fall away. There are electrical staffing agencies that work with companies specifically focused on projects in renewable energy. There are also staffing companies that work particularly to find workers for renewable energy projects. Both sorts of these staffing agencies are often seeking electrical workers and electricians. While there are multiple types of renewable energy construction projects, many of them do require electricians, even those with no notably education or training in renewable sources of energy.

Wind energy, which uses windmills and turbines to harvest wind power and turn it into electrical energy is often employed on coastlines and in large field lands where wind is plentiful. Because these mechanisms work to make electrical power, electricians are needed for the building and installation of wind power implements and for the upkeep and maintenance of the system. Clients looking to construct wind power operations often turn to electrical staffing companies for qualified electricians. The equipment for such work is a little different but the concepts and applications come from the same world as general electrical construction work. There are training courses to be taken for such employment, though on the job experience and apprenticeship can be an even more effective way to get placed in these jobs by an electrical staffing agency.

In simple terms, geothermal energy is the harvesting of the heat created in the earth’s crust by plate tectonic shifts. This collection of radioactive mineral decay is then processed into electrical energy for human use. This energy source is especially in need of electrical engineers and skilled technicians. This earth-heat energy must move through a geothermal plant where it is converted into electrical energy through binary cycle electricity generating technology, a process which requires a large amount of electrical wiring and design. This is a field that almost always requires special training of some kind, but the work is electrical and electrical staffing agencies are often unitized to find qualified workers.

Solar energy is captured using precisely designed panels that harvest the energy of the sun and turn it into useable electric energy. Solar energy is on of the biggest cross over fields for electricians and there are staffing agencies just for electrical/solar work. Solar plants are highly electrical in there design and in sunny locations electricians can even find work installing and maintaining solar energy hook up in private homes and businesses. Electrical staffing agencies serve to place electrical workers in jobs they might not expect. Broadening the horizons of electrical staffing into renewable energy electric work stands to benefit both workers and electrical staffing agencies.