As military veterans return from active duty and integrate back into civilian life, they often need a hand finding sustainable employment. While some soldiers join the military after holding jobs or gaining training in a specific career, many join straight out of high school and return home with a lot of options still open to what sort of work they might do next. Sometimes they also return with a bit of confusion as to where to turn and what step to take next towards meaningful employment. The branches of the U.S. Military are excellent at teaching integrity and discipline to its members, and returning veterans are wonderful candidates for job placement programs and vocational training. They already understand how to work hard and respect the authority of their supervisors and teachers and are good matches for many occupations.

There are a wide variety of government sponsored programs that assist veterans in job training and allocation. For example, in New York City there is a program called Helmets to Hardhats that puts veterans in communication with construction training and staffing agencies, as well as provides funding for any certifications that will help vets land jobs. These construction staffing agencies are benefited by such programs as well because they get an injection of integral labor as well as government incentives. The way that construction staffing usually works is through the matching of qualified laborers to the projects that need them. After accepting resumes and interviewing candidates, construction staffing agencies will maintain a pool of workers that they can provide to paying clients seeking labor. In most cases, such companies are payed by the organizations looking for staff, and can also provide training and certifications to construction workers who are looking to gain more education and advantage in the field. In some instances labor is paid by the hiring agencies, and in others the labor is retained by the staffing agency who pays workers directly and is responsible for the quality guarantee of their work.

This system of construction staffing is particularly beneficial to returning veterans who need the consistency of work available through a single relationship with an employer. These staffing agencies often staff more than one type of work, including electrical and energy work as well as office temp and automation jobs. As many returning soldiers have a variety of skill sets, staffing agencies with a wider scope of job staffing services are more capable of placing them in jobs. More and more veterans are turning to construction staffing and the like to find jobs when they return from active duty. Whether or not they have previous training, staffing agencies are a good outlet for returning veterans to gain the professional connections and in-the-field experience they need to be successful. Also, because they can return to the same agency every time they need more work, veterans have a better chance of finding consistency upon their return to home soil. As Americans, there is a desire to thank and support the men and women who protect our liberty at home and abroad, and construction staffing is one example of enterprise serving the troops.