As more and more internet cabling turns to wireless and fiberoptic technologies many are concerned that traditional structured cabling is heading the way of the dinosaur. However, there is one very real reason that hardwire network cabling will never go entirely extinct: security. As technology companies build growth around wireless technologies, such as Apple’s ICloud, there are still many questions as to how secure those systems are. Even though the companies designing these programs vouch for their security, those claims are rarely solidly proven. For this reason, many companies and organizations continue to depend on hard cabling to run sensitive information. Financial and government institutions in particular need a secure system based on ethernet cabling. Especially with a closed network system, hard ethernet cabling provides a level of information safety that is unparalleled in the data technologies field.


For example, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) deals exclusively with the financial information of private and public citizens and businesses. The codes written inside a closed system are sent through hard wires and are easier to monitor, especially at the local, manual level. Because wireless systems are remotely monitored from extended locations, the system is vulnerable to access and hacking from remote locations as well. When systems are hard wired, intruders must find their way into a physical device hooked to the network. However, even when networks are hardwired, there is a risk of frequency interference or access if the signal is degraded by outside energy. Therefore it is important no matter what to seek a skilled structured cabling professional to run and install the cabling line. A structured cabling professional will also be able to secure the connections to the actual computers and devices making the network safer.

The software and hardware involved in the operating systems of the network also have security programs that are designed to secure the loss and/or interruption of information. Networks that support large operations and organization particularly need to employ the expertize of network cabling professionals. When big-task and high-security companies have their networks interrupted it can take a great deal of time and work to recover the damaged information and get the network back into full operation. This can mean a loss of time, work, data, and ultimately money, which no business wants to lose. If security is breeched by a maliceful party, some information may be irretrievable entirely and the culprit untraceable. In these cases the agents of the business themselves may be legally responsible for any sensitive information that is leaked and even any possible money lost. Beyond the security standpoint hardwired info systems are also somewhat less likely to be weak or interrupted as a point of the system is removed. Without the opportunity for a wireless signal to be weak or interrupted as it moves through space, there is one less point for weakness in the speed and efficiency of the network. Until wireless information storage and transmission grows more secure technology, hard wired structured cabling systems will still be employed at high-risk agencies.