1cancunLike Google, AIG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and many of the world’s leading companies, Outsource understands the benefit of rewarding its top performers. Each year, the company holds its annual rewards trip. This year the trip was in Cancun, Mexico at the exclusive Hyatt Zilara, which serves as a stunning backdrop for everyone to relax, unwind, and reflect on their accomplishments.

The company recently completed this year’s trip and it proved, yet again, to be a blast. Some of the special highlights included a private dinner on the beach for the entire Outsource group and even a marriage proposal from one of our Seattle team members.

New hires to Outsource have to meet a certain criteria to qualify for the trip, but for the high performing team members who do, it’s a great chance to meet mentors, corporate leaders, and learn what the company and the culture are all about.

2cancunJenny Zhao, who is Dallas’ Regional Director of Operations, has been on the trip many times and looks forward to it every year. She says, “You’re in a place where everyone there cares about their job and what they do. You know you’re going to see the same, top people every year. It’s like the annual Outsource family reunion.”

There are plenty of things to do while you’re in Cancun: you can go on excursions to the ancient ruins of Tulum, explore the town of Cancun, or you can just relax at the resort and enjoy the beach, pool, and other amenities. However, if you really want to step up your game, take a page out of Michael Lippert’s playbook.

Michael is an Account Manager and the pioneer who started the Seattle office. This was his third trip to Cancun and each year he brings his girlfriend, Beth, as his guest. This year, he took full advantage of the beautiful, romantic setting by proposing to her. It was a surprise to everyone and we wish Michael and Beth a wonderful future together!

Another Outsource ‘first’ was a private dinner on the beach for all those who attended which included over 100 people. 2014 proved to be a banner year for the company, and CEO John Lowell took the opportunity to mark the occasion by hosting the special event.

2cancun“I love the yearly trip to Cancun,” John said. “It gives me a chance to see everyone in a very relaxing setting where I can truly thank them for all that they do for the company. I’m very proud of these people and honored that they have chosen to pursue their career with Outsource.”

The Cancun trip is not only a way to celebrate the accomplishments of the previous year, but, with the leading team members of Outsource in a relaxed environment exchanging ideas and planning for the upcoming year, it also helps to ensure the company will continue to prosper. Lance Shiring, Chief Operating Officer, perhaps best sums up the entire experience:

On the surface, our Cancun trip is meant to recognize our highest performing sales and recruiting associates for their contribution in Outsource’s continued success.  But I also like to think of it as a great way to get our top performers across the U.S. all in one place that is far from the hustle and bustle, so they can bond with old friends or build new relationships with peers from other markets.  The best part for me was being able to spend quality time with people who lead by example in a setting that doesn’t involve a pressed suit (unless you have a waterproof one) or conference calls.”

Congratulations to all of those who qualified for this year’s trip and we look forward to seeing old friends and new faces when we do it again next year!