The talent market is tight right now – you see that every day. There is no sign of relief anytime soon. Skilled trades in particular are feeling the pinch. For years now, people who would have been a great fit for jobs in the trades have instead been steered toward degree programs. Job seekers are starting to once again look toward the trades as a viable career option, but it’s going to take a while to catch up with demand.

What’s a business to do to attract the limited supply of skilled tradespeople?

1. Provide career guidance and development.

Show candidates you see them as a whole person with goals and interests, not just a skill to be utilized. Provide your employees with the tools they need to grow their careers. Share this commitment with the community. Use your website and social media to communicate your investment in developing your employees. You can even include testimonials from your employees about the positive experiences they’ve had.

2. Focus on finding people with the right soft skills.

Don’t underestimate the importance of soft skills among tradespeople. They must be capable of communicating with people at all levels, and be organized and able to manage their time.

3. Offer retraining to current employees.

If you have unskilled employees who are hardworking and reliable, consider investing in their training. You already know you can trust them to be at work on time and put in a hard day’s work. Why not help them take their career to the next level. You’ll have a skilled, dependable employee, plus their gratitude for the faith you showed in them.

4. Build a solid referral program.

Successful companies often say they find their best new employees through current employees. Encourage (and ideally reward) people for referring qualified individuals they know. It gives you a stream of talent you may not have had access to and gives you an indication of the satisfaction of your current team.

5. Partner with a recruitment firm.

One of the best ways to attract skilled trade talent is to work with a specialized staffing and recruiting firm. They know who may be looking for work, what the competition is offering and how you can thrive in a competitive market.

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