The arrival of a new season is often the signal for an increase in recruiting to get ready for busier times. For instance, the construction industry typically heats up, along with the weather, in the early spring, which creates a need for a variety of skilled workers, including electricians.

Other industries ramp up during different seasons, and some – like retail – see their need for extra help grow with the start of each season. Building a recruiting plan for those seasons makes sense. After all, being unprepared could lead to making hasty hiring decisions that you might end up regretting. 

To bring the best people on board, you need to start the process early. Procrastinating can leave you with a smaller pool of talent from which to choose. Also, when you’re in a rush to hire, you may miss the opportunity to engage fully with your candidates to ensure that they are the right fit for your company’s culture.

Here are four suggestions for a healthy seasonal recruiting strategy:

Don’t Put it Off Until the Last Minute

Other companies are looking for seasonal employees, so if you wait too long, most of the top talent will have been hired. Start the hiring process well in advance of your need to ensure that you’re not missing out on the best candidates.

Make Sure You’re Using Up-to-Date Job Postings

Companies will sometimes save time by using a previous posting. Doing that is fine as long as the information is accurate and current. Here are things to consider:

  • Does the title reflect the season?
  • Does the job category indicate that it’s seasonal or temporary work?
  • Does the job description give a clear picture of your expectations?

When you effectively communicate what you’re looking for in a seasonal worker, you’ll reach more candidates and prevent turnover down the road.

Choose the Best Sources for Reaching Seasonal Job Seekers

Even if you have used display ads, job boards, career sites, college recruiting, or referrals in the past, make sure you have identified the one that has the best track record for finding seasonal workers this time around. That’s the source you’ll want to use to make the best use of your hiring budget.

Look at Past Seasonal Employees First

If you believe some of last season’s temporary employees are planning to return, give them preference on the new season. It’s an excellent way to streamline your hiring process so you can focus on bringing in additional quality workers like them.

Use the Experts at Outsource to Help You Find Seasonal Workers

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