There are several paths you can take toward becoming an electrician. Formal education programs can lead to an Electrician Certificate or an Associate Degree. Both of these are precursors to an apprenticeship program, which will result in you being a licensed electrician.

There are also company training programs that can get you started in your new career. One such program at Outsource prepares trainees for a position in structured cabling in the construction industry. It’s a great way to transition into a skilled trade, and we provide the training at no charge to you. No previous experience is required.

Consider the following advantages of our program.

You Will Acquire Experience and Knowledge

Our Field Employee Training Program provides quality entry-level low-voltage installers to our many clients throughout the country. Every trainee will learn data jack termination and will have terminated over one hundred data and voice jacks before being sent into the field. Also, they will have been introduced to the job site etiquette and professionalism that will help them accumulate positive referrals as they move up in their chosen careers.

You Will Obtain OSHA Certification

The program also consists of two days of OSHA training, after which you will be OSHA 10 certified.  The course teaches recognition, avoidance, lessening, and prevention of safety and health hazards at the job site. The certification provides you with the tools, safety equipment, and skills to begin working with Outsource’s clients right away.

You Will Find Work

Outsource employs over 2,000 technicians weekly on job sites across the country, and that figure is likely to increase as more jobs are added to the economy in future years. Current and projected shortages in skilled labor—such as electricians—make the prospects for steady employment even brighter.

Chris Trevino, Field Operations Manager for Outsource, talks about the benefits of structured cabling as a career option:

“A lot of those (added) jobs will go to skilled trade technicians in the construction industry, and structured cabling is a great skill to know. As you gain experience and knowledge, you will be given more responsibility on the job and have the opportunity to transition into other areas of structured cable, including A/V and security installation.”

It’s a Fast Track to a Paycheck

All training is done onsite at Outsource and is completed within a week. The company offers a bonus program for its field technicians:  After 520 hours on the job, they will reward you with a $200 bonus and a 6-foot ladder. There are also bonus increases at 1,040 hours and 2,080 hours.

Let Outsource Help You Jumpstart Your Career!

If you are an aspiring trade worker, Outsource can create a career opportunity by providing hands-on training by qualified trainers in a single week. If this sounds interesting to you, contact us for more information. We are the largest staffing firm in the nation specializing in the placement of low voltage and electrical talent.