Three Employees Celebrate Five Years with Outsource
Three Employees Celebrate Five Years with Outsource: (Steve Ebenhack, Jake Durkee, Andrew Scarano, Blaine Monteau and Sam Jarvis from left to right.)

Outsource is proud to announce that Jake Durkee, Andrew Scarano, and Blaine Monteau have all recently celebrated their five-year anniversaries with the company. These milestones are not only a testament to their individual achievements and commitment to Outsource, but they also demonstrate the solid foundation the company has built over the years.

“It feels great,” Jake says, “and the time has really flown by. I started out as ‘the young kid’ in the company and it’s been very fulfilling to grow into a senior leadership position in the organization. This doesn’t happen organically at most companies.”

Jake was the first fully dedicated Inside Sales Rep at Outsource and later became the first pure Business Development Manager in the company before being promoted to National Sales Manager in December 2014. During his tenure, the company’s market presence has grown at an annual rate of 30%.

During Andrew’s career here, he has worked at both Outsource and our sister company Skyhawk, but today he is entirely focused on running Outsource’s largest cabling division as an Account Manager in Los Angeles. He initially started in our Phoenix office as a Recruiter, accepting the position because of “the potential to move up quickly within the organization.”

Andrew says, “I’ve made great friends working here and have really grown a lot professionally. I’ve learned how to effectively manage people and to handle highly stressful situations with composure. It’s been a great experience and I feel like I’ve found a home at Outsource.”

Blaine also started his career at Outsource as a Recruiter, working in the Houston office where he successfully started and developed the cabling and electrical market before moving to the Los Angeles where he now serves as an Account Manager in our largest and most profitable market. He accepted a position at Outsource because he wanted “the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the company at such an early part of my career.”

Blaine also recognizes the importance of the support provided by a tight network of colleagues: “Teamwork is ingrained in the culture at Outsource. No one is able to achieve successful all on his or her own. You are only as good as the people around you. Everyone here works extremely hard and we get along really well as a team. It’s a combination that breeds success.”

These guys have contributed greatly to the company’s expansion across the country and we’re grateful for their continued dedication. To commemorate their five-year milestone, Blaine, Andrew, and Jake each received a TAG Heuer watch. Jake says, “It’s a great gesture that John doesn’t have to do, but he does because he cares about his people. He wants them to be here for the long run.”