The holidays are behind you, and many of your manufacturing customers are starting their 2020 projects. This upsurge in orders means you will need temporary workers to ensure that you complete the extra work on schedule.

Eventually, you will get caught up, and the workload will return to a “normal” level, which means you won’t need the extra help—at least not until the next time you are slammed with orders.

And when that happens, you’ll want to be calling on these temps who have already proven themselves. How do you ensure that they will want to come back? Well, if they enjoyed working at your company, they will return. And if you are looking for permanent help at some point, they might be open to working for you full-time.

A positive experience is the one thing you can control to hang on to your best candidates.

Here’s how you can make that happen:

Keep Employee Morale at a High Level

No one wants to return to a toxic work environment where workers are constantly complaining, and managers treat their temps like disposable goods. Companies that choose higher profits over employee morale will likely not see their best temporary workers return.

Make sure you are treating everyone fairly even if you are saving the tasks that require less skill for the temps. Treat them with respect, and they will look forward to returning.

Give Them the Proper Training

Provide them with whatever they need to feel competent in your workplace. A worker who feels productive and comfortable in your environment will probably appreciate the work and will want to come back.

Provide Them With a Full-Time Employee as a Mentor

Mentoring helps the temporary employee learn about the company and the work. It also helps the permanent worker to develop some supervisory skills.

Show Your Appreciation

Thanking your temps for a job well-done is one of the easiest and most effective ways of making your workplace attractive to them. Mention their contributions during staff and team meetings. Showing different forms of gratitude sends a message that their work is valued.

Let Them Know You’re Looking Forward to Their Return

You shouldn’t assume that temporary workers know you want them to come back in the future. When the rush is over, and you no longer require their services, pull them aside and make a point of letting them know you appreciate their efforts and hope to see them again.

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